Surprising Online Shopping Facts

Take a look at this neat infographic by Chums which contains some very interesting and surprising facts about online shopping as well as the ecommerce industry in the UK. I didn’t know most of them!


A Great Website I Recently Discovered

Anybody who knows me will understand just how much I love the internet. It provides endless hours of fun, enjoyment and fulfillment in some form or another. Shopping is the big one for me!

Amazon and eBay are, of course, the BIG boys as far as online shopping platforms go but there really are other options for us when it comes to buying things online. And this is something that I recently discovered when doing a little shopping research.

I discovered an awesome website where I could purchase some of my favourite things, and even some things that I’d never tried before.

Let’s look at this site:

Introducing AMOS

Meet AMOS which is a popular and fast-growing online retailer who design and manufacture all of their own brilliant products.

They stock many different stylish products throughout a number of diverse and funky product categories from home and garden to fashion, and electronics to health and beauty. They’re currently stocking some really interesting products actually.

A product of theirs which really stood out for me was something called an over the door shoe rack which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a very innovative and stylish shoe rack that is designed specifically to hang over the top of a door – very convenient and takes up very little space. I mean how awesome is that though?

Based in Manchester (UK), AMOS did actually start out on Amazon before, I assume, realising that there are greener fields out there.

According to a friend I know, they were doing extremely well on Amazon, and continue to do so actually, but they wanted more control of their products as well as more direct interaction and engagement with their fantastic customers. They’re now primarily based on their very own domain name where they’re regularly releasing new products for sale and growing quickly.

Check ‘em out, you’ll love their products.

KangerTech EVOD Starter Kit Review

A few weeks back I was shopping on the E-Liquid UK Store, which is a great site by the way, for a new E-Cigarette as I decided in January that I needed to finally kick this dirty habit of smoking.

I decided on the EVOD starter kit by KangerTech after hours of browsing and reading reviews from others who had used it.

So let’s get into the review then, shall we?

My EVOD Review

Okay, so I picked up my EVOD starter kit from a website called E-Liquid UK Store which is one of the biggest sites in the UK for electronic cigarettes. It cost me just shy of £40 which is fair.

My Kanger EVOD starter kit came with 2 batteries, 2 spare clearomizers and 5 spare coils which is quite excellent value for the £40 I paid for the product. Not only that but they also threw in a free bottle of e-liquid which is very impressive – awesome company.

Oh yes, and if that isn’t good enough – FREE DELIVERY TOO!

I placed my order with the guys at the E-Liquid UK Store on a Tuesday and my new e-cigarette was with me by Thursday.

OK, and the product…

My first impression of the KangerTech EVOD kit was that it was extremely visually appealing – it looked innovative and stylish whilst also being built to the highest standards known in this industry.

I had read a few reviews that complained of the quality of the product build but I honestly couldn’t find any warrant for those complaints as both batteries were built very well and the taste I got from the clearomizers and the EVOD can only be described as exceptional.

Here’s a great video review of the Kanger EVOD:

One thing I noticed is just how well it holds liquid – it holds up to 6ml of liquid which is close to a full bottle of Hangsen e-liquid 10ml.

In case you’re wondering, I first tried my e-cigarette with the popular red bull e-liquid which can usually picked up for £3.49 a bottle from the E-Liquid UK Store. Superb taste although no wings were grown.

What about its features?

Well it comes with 2 batteries as mentioned previously, 2 high quality clearomizers and 5 replacement coils which should last quite some time before you need to purchase new clearomizers. As a golden standard, clearomizers will usually require a replacement every 2 weeks or so or else it could crack and lower liquid taste.

The free clearomizers and coils are better quality than you’d think since they’re just thrown in with a pretty inexpensive kit.

I’ve had this kit for almost 2 weeks now. And my verdict…

This is a fantastic piece of kit for electronic cigarette users of all levels, whether a novice or long-term user. This brilliant kit is for everyone who values good quality and product longevity.

Hope you found this EVOD starter kit review useful.

Let us know your thoughts! :)